Today was our 2nd clinic day at Rio Grande. We had a handful of families waiting for us when we arrived. I continued with my registration responsibilities. Elizabeth and I have a good routine- she completes the basic information on the intake form and I take the kids over for height and weight checks. We had more babies this morning- including a 3 week old newborn. Our favorite 4 year old duo from yesterday, Jeffery and Josue, came back and hung around with everyone. Some local boys also came to pump water from the river to the water basin above the outhouse. Some precarious ladder maneuvers, but they made it look easy!

After the morning, we packed up and headed to the local health clinic to visit the expecting mom’s group. Before the session, we received a tour. The clinic provides an array of medical and dental services. They are triaged red (emergency), yellow (urgent), and green (no rush) and seen accordingly. The clinic was very busy and a green assignment typically means a long wait...

We had around 20 new or expecting moms in our session. Tracie, our lactation consultant, provided breastfeeding support and guidance. The clinic includes an antepartum unit. Many moms stay there leading up to their due date. This helps ensure that they make it to the hospital for delivery versus a home birth. One of the moms there was pregnant with twins! As a twin mother, myself, I was happy to be able to share some of my knowledge, struggles, and recommendations for navigating infant twins.

Our team is great and our interpreters are amazing! I am proud to have served over 80 kids in the Rio Grande community. On to San Diego tomorrow.

Katherine Jones, non-medical volunteer