Getting Comfortable Serving

Our first full day began with our translators arriving in time for breakfast with us. The translators are a group of young people from various backgrounds (there is a female lawyer, a veterinarian, students, and graphic designers). They work full or part-time as translators for various mission groups. After our mock set up of clinic last night, the actual set up today went smoothly and quickly. We were set up under a roofed area next to a soccer field. Do to a meeting at the local school the initial flow of patients was slow which allowed all team members to get comfortable in their roles.

As a provider I saw a variety of ages, problems, and concerns. We saw families with 2 to 3 children; some children were brought in by their aunts or grandmothers. If the child had been seen previously by and Extra Mile Pediatrics team, we were able to review the record of their previous visit, and note how they responded to treatment, and their changes on the growth chart.

The flow of patients allowed ample time for providers to review nutrition, symptomatic care for various illnesses, and skin and dental care. The entire team of volunteers and translators worked well together, and families were very appreciative of care received.

-Jill York, Nurse Practitioner