Patient Focused

On Day 3, we had our busiest day so far. We were able to see 93 kids at Hacienda San Diego, our highest number in a day by a long shot, and unbelievably efficient for 4 providers and 4 nurses. The pace of the day was quick, due to the large numbers of kids but also because many of the families were big.

In my position at registration, where Katherine and I follow a fairly efficient system to check in, we sometimes have lulls between families. During these few quiet moments, I was able to observe our nurses and providers with these large families, and I couldn't help but notice each of these professionals giving their full attention to the patient and parent in front of them, listening to their concerns, hearing their stories, and providing gentle care and expertise. I was particularly struck by the way our providers adapted the process to provide care in the best possible way for each family. We had a sweet mom come in with 9 children in her care. After registration, the family went to our nurse's table where the nurses checked vitals and talked a bit with the mom and each child. As the nurses were still working their way through each child's vitals, Katie, one of our providers, brought her station to the nurse's table to start seeing the kids there and allowing the mom to be present for her children seeing the nurse AND seeing the provider. While I noticed this instance specifically, it has been the rule rather than the exception. that this group is always acting and changing in the best interest of the families they see.

I'm not sure Extra Mile could have put together a better team of providers and nurses, and I am grateful to play a small role in this mission.

Elizabeth Farner, Non-medical volunteer