“Quality healthcare for children occurs over time. It only works on a repeated basis. It only works if you’re committed to returning, to checking back in, to following up… and we are..”

In so many parts of the world, families face enormous barriers to healthcare. As a result, their children often go years, or even decades without seeing healthcare providers. And when they do see a provider, it’s often because of an acute issue - an injury or a significant illness. But there is so much value and opportunity when a child sees a provider in those other moments…. when children are well. Then the focus can be on foundational health issues - growth, nutrition, development, education, and preventive care. And these are the pillars of health that can impact every child, and every family…. and education and health guidance may even prevent those ‘acute issues’ in the future.

“Extra Mile Pediatrics wants to go deep, not wide. We are seeking communities where we can create a true relationship, revisiting the same communities time and again to follow up with patients and families. To have a true feel for the barriers to great health requires an investment of time. Introducing, and then reinforcing, best practices to keep children safe requires trust between healthcare providers and families. That trust should be earned through commitment, time, energy, and love.”

ultimately, giving a patient a medication or doing a surgery impacts that one patient, while educating a patient and family about how to advocate for their own health has a truly lasting impact that can ripple out to a whole community.
— Prianka Kandhal, MD - Team-member, April, El Salvador